SUPPORTING GREATNESS — Welcome to the team Numa! | Covenant House Vancouver

Let’s face it.  We all need a hug sometimes. And at Covenant House Vancouver, Numa is more than willing to oblige.  Numa is a St. John’s Ambulance Certified Therapy Dog who accompanies her owner on her shifts in our Crisis Program. She offers her fuzzy cuddles and adoring gaze to anyone who needs it (full confession: even some of us staff have fallen prey to her high quality cuddling skills)!

She’s a big, brown, bundle of love and demands nothing in return for her service.  She has no expectations, just shows up and does the job that all of us hope to do here at Covenant House – provide unconditional love to someone who needs it.  Recently she offered her services to a young woman who was nervous about an appointment. Numa walked with her to her appointment and gave her much needed snuggles which really helped calm the young lady.

Thanks for your service, Numa, and for reminding us that sometimes love is as easy as reaching out your paw.

Source: Welcome to the team Numa! | Covenant House Vancouver